Advanced Skills


      • Accessed voluntarily
      • Skills development
      • Improved self-esteem, independence and quality of life
      • Reduced dependence of “paid staff” and services


Service Objective: To assist adults who have a developmental disability and have the capacity and desire to live more in(ter)dependently in the community, master the safety, social, day to day living, community connecting and emotional intelligence competencies they need to achieve their goals. Skills are taught at both the fundamental and advanced levels.

Description of how Service Objectives will be implemented:

Entrance Phase (Assuming individual is eligible for services)

      • Internal referral from Building Bridges Program
      • Referral from Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)
      • Applicant Interview
      • Student Information sheet
      • Consents signed
      • Observation Phase (6-8 wks in duration at 3-5 hrs./wk.)

Observation Phase (6-8 wks in duration at 3-5 hrs./wk.)

      • Create a schedule of meeting times
      • During this phase an inventory of skills will be completed and summarized using the Life Skills Inventory (LSI)
      • Mandatory Training – Abuse Prevention, Mission/Vision/Values, Policies (Rights, Privacy, Confidentiality, Abuse)
      • Create an Individual Support plan based on LSI and notes from Applicant Interview
      • Book a meeting with all significant others to present results from LSI and the Individual Support Plan (Have all parties sign the document)

Active Phase

      • Skills are taught on a 1:1 or small group basis
      • As much as possible skills are taught in the community or in the individuals home
      • Progress will be documented and proven through goal record sheets
      • The active phase is complete when the person is able to demonstrate mastery of all skills outlined in the Learning Agreement
      • Staff will attend all Case Conferences to update team on progress

Follow up or Extended Phase

      • A meeting will take place with the family/caregiver to review the completed Individual Support plan and/or ISP Summar
      • Staff or volunteer will check on a weekly basis to ensure that everything that has been set-up is still continuing.  If there are any problems staff will intervene.  This weekly contact will fade out based on the individual to the point of once a month contact for a period of up to 6 months

Call or email a Director to enquire or for further information.