Building Community for Belonging, Acceptance and Growth”


Alternatives provides opportunities and outcomes for learning and skill

development in the areas of employment, volunteerism, recreation

and community connections for people with developmental disabilities

and other exceptionalities in Peterborough City and County.


Services are provided through the following programs:

Building Bridges, Foundations, Fundamental and Advanced Skills,

Employment Supports and Individualized Support Services.


All services strive to inspire and excite people of all abilities to enrich

their skills, celebrate life and have fun with families, friends and

neighbours by;


                    * Fostering real friendships

                    * Valuing personal and informed choices

                    * Honouring personal worth and citizenship

                    * Promoting life-long learning

                    * Respecting personal safety and security

                    * Enjoying healthy and active lifestyles.



Acceptance Builds Community…The ABC’s of Alternatives


To RESPECT ourselves, others and our community.
To honour INDIVIDUALITY and the uniqueness of all people.
To always be CARING about the well being of all people.
To be TRANSPARENT, honest and open, and
To have FUN and create an abundance of laughter in our lives.

Agency Compliance Letter