Employment Supports

Employment Services are available for any person with a barrier to employment that is ready, willing and able to secure competitive employment in the community. Application assistance is available.

(No program fees)

Alternatives-Employment Supports Program is passionate about finding the right employee for your hiring needs.

Under contract with Ontario Disability Support Program we are available to connect people with the right job and the right employer. Alternatives-Employment Supports offers a host of services and supports to your new employee in advance such as;

→ Pre-employment coaching

→ Resume and cover letter writing

→ Job Readiness Courses

→ Job Development

To offset the costs associated with the recruitment and the hiring of a new employee, Alternatives-Employment Supports can offer employers the following services at no cost to employers,

→ Pre-screening applicants before interviewing

→ Job Placement and Job Trials before hiring

→ Job Coaching on site to assist with training

→ Retention services to make sure your new employee continues ‘to shine’

→ Wage subsidy to offset hiring and training costs

If you are licensed to operate and to provide employment in Ontario then we want to talk to you! We work with all businesses to hire a diverse and stable workforce.


Call Lisa for eligibility requirements and application assistance.

(705) 742-0806 x 241

How Do I Apply

Application for ODSP-Employment Supports

Verification of Disability Funding Agreement

Employment Supports Brochure